A spot of Ketchup.

At Ketchup we write, animate, film, and edit. Here are some of our favourite projects from the last little while.

Ketchup produced several assets that overturn perceptions about the charity sector, enticing talented people to consider a career at SCHF.

SCHF: Recruitment

Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation is a fantastic place to work. We helped them to get the message out.

What is biomedical engineering? And why? Content to whet the intellectual appetites of potential biomed students … everywhere.

UNSW: Biomedical Engineering

Snackable, beautiful explainers to get those artificial hearts pumping.

Ketchup writes funny labels for men’s health products.


This men’s health brand goes long on the copy.

A quick and relatable ad involving Myf Warhurst and a fitted sheet.

Spotify: GO TO

Myf Warhurst wrangles laundry with Daryl Braithwaite.

Jessica Mauboy stars in this campaign for Spotify Australia.

Spotify: Premium

Join celebrated chanteuse Jessica Mauboy and her lovable sidekick Chris.

Ketchup produced a video celebrating Wenona’s new state-of-the-art building.


A building named after the goddess Athena? This calls for some Ketchup.

20 funny and surprising short films that Ketchup created for Opera Australia.

Opera Australia

“We need fake blood”, we told Opera Australia. “How much?” they replied.

Quick and funny explainers that Ketchup wrote for Opera Australia.

Opera in a Minute

We wrote snappy, fun explainers for the world’s greatest operas.

A glimpse into the values that make Queenwood one of Sydney's top schools for girls.


Capturing what makes this Sydney girls’ school unique.

A smorgasbord of tasty educational content for the geniuses at AGSM.


Interviews, profiles, and explainers that burst with colour and informational nutrition.

A rascally little blue puppet makes the case for Car Next Door.

Car Next Door

Terence the Puppet would like to get you into your neighbour’s car.

Animation and video projects that Ketchup has produced with Lendlease.


Constructing hi-vis videos for the construction leviathans.

Epic mini-documentaries that give a glimpse into the inner workings of Qantas.


Planes are heavy, yet they fly. Are Qantas magicians? Yes.

How Westpac helped people get back on their feet after the Townsville Floods.

Westpac Insurance

Merryn lost everything in the Townsville floods. Westpac got her back on her feet.

Jess Mauboy gets you motivated in these short videos Ketchup created for Spotify Australia.

Spotify: Free

Jessica Mauboy motivates a couple of lazy slobs with the gift … of music.

Bright, simple, and cute videos that Ketchup made for Service NSW.

NSW Transport

Engaging the community to talk about the Future of Transport. Spaceships? Hopefully.

Energetic and vibrant videos that Ketchup created for BeSydney.


Sydney! The destination that is full of … destinations.

Headlines about music. Some of the work Ketchup has done with Spotify Australia.

Spotify. The headlines

Writing jokes about music.