We helped UNSW Engineering to articulate what makes each school unique, in a way that doesn't require a PhD to understand.

UNSW: Engineering Positioning

Each school at the UNSW Faculty of Engineering has a unique mission – and personality.

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When your field is highly technical, it can be difficult to articulate what it is you actually … do.

The Engineering Faculty at UNSW has a series of positioning documents that explain each school’s purpose, but to reach an audience outside of each school they needed these ideas expressed in a more human, apprehensible way. We spoke with four or five people who represented each school: a student, an academic, someone from industry, and each Head of School, respectively.

Their unscripted responses capture the spirit and mission of each unique engineering discipline, while the b-roll gives a flavour of what goes on behind-the-scenes.

Ketchup was tickled pink to partner with Ant Geernaert over the course of this year-long project.

UNSW Faculty of Engineering
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