This copywriting brief, from the talented folk at design agency Universal Favourite, was a breath of fresh air.

Mosh is an Australian men's health brand, with a sophisticated (not laddish) and funny (not mean) tone-of-voice. Universal Favourite invited us to write the copy for these labels, and when they said “have fun with it!” they actually meant it. The final copy is virtually identical to the first draft – which is unheard of. To me, anyway.

The labels won a Writing for Design distinction from AGDA. Kudos and props to Universal Favourite and Mosh, because – as you know – the final result is only as good as the brief. Oh, and to what extent various little committees have meddled with it along the way (shakes fist at various little committees).

Universal Favourite
What we did
Mosh Shampoo & Conditioner
Mosh Energy Libido
Mosh Dark Circle Eliminator
Mosh Dark Circle Eliminator
Mosh Keep. Mosh Sleep.
A stunning hero shot depicting loads of Mosh products. Stunning.