The lowdown on how Ketchup came to be. Why and how we tell stories.

Who is Ketchup?

We are Ian and Olivia Haigh. Thank you for asking.

Our backgrounds combine branding, design, advertising, and delivering newspapers (that one was a long time ago).

We started Ketchup in 2009, creating original and fun videos for a range of industries. Ian is the creative sauce, Olivia’s the organisation maven.

The original Ketchup Partners, Ian and Olivia.

The way of the Ketchup.

We use video and music to shamelessly manipulate people’s emotions. Here’s how.

01 Research.

Who are you? Why are you? We'll work together to develop a strategy that fits your goals, your budget, and your waistline.

02 Plan.

Whether we're writing, storyboarding, or designing, we work with your tone-of-voice, your brand personality, and your visual identity.

03 Create.

Some jobs are entirely in-house. When they get bigger, we build a team from our trusted network of professionals. Bit like Ocean's Eleven.

04 Publish.

Get your product in front of your audience. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, your website, or even TV (remember that?)