Innumerable bursts of photons, dragged through the fourth dimension to celebrate Sydney’s Festival of Light.

Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney is an international festival celebrating light, music, and ideas. This eclectic video is a fusion of styles, drizzled with time lapse photography, a shotgun blast of outtakes, and old-school handheld night-vision goggle camerawork.

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We spent three nights following photographer of renown Ant Geernaert around Sydney as he took long exposure photographs of such luminaries as Julian Hamilton of The Presets, and Yiying Lu, illustrator of Twitter’s iconic Fail Whale.

Chris Rubino waved lights around that miraculously resulted in words and pictures. Add in some of Sydney’s natural beauty and art direction courtesy of Giles Kershaw and you get 25 frames per second of Vivid Love.

Generation Alliance
What we did
Filming, editing, grading, 3D animation

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