Ketchup concepted, scripted, and directed these spots for Family and Community Services.

Just the FACs

The Department of Family and Community Services assist vulnerable people and families, helping them to support themselves and to integrate into their community.

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They asked us to illustrate the idea of “Active Support”. The principle of Active Support encourages people with disabilities to be involved in their lives as much as possible, rather than carers doing everything for them.

We created three pieces to support the idea. The first is a motion piece that explores the negative behaviour that can arise from feelings of isolation and a frustration from being misunderstood, and conversely the benefits that Active Support can offer.

Ketchup went to a shared home for the remaining live-action clips. We wrote scripts, storyboarded, directed and edited these pieces that follow our wonderful talent and the positivity that they experience when an Active Support philosophy is applied.

What we did
Writing, directing, editing, animation

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